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Hello! Welcome to Little Nook’s catalogue - if you’re looking for a quick rundown of everything that can be found, squeezed, sniffed or tickled on our shop floor, then this is the place.

Keepsy, Little Nook's shopkeeper

Keepsy, Little Nook's shopkeeper

My shop is cosy, cluttered and stuffed full of curios. Hidden on these dusty wooden shelves and tacked to our pleasingly crumbing walls are plenty of mysterious items…


A mechanical lift with large cogs on one side. This leads to the Stockroom, where Keepy keeps special items related to the latest Little Nook games which you can help unlock and receive.


My favourite part of the shop - this is where I keep all my best stuff… Head down and I might just have something special for you!

To the Stockroom!
A brown wooden door with knobs and handles, with a goggle-shaped cutout and a glowing purple icon dial above it. The door leads to a Portal, through which Keepsy can enter the worlds of the games Little Nook publishes.


A swirling purple vortex with a carousel of games to choose from. Step in and explore their worlds!

To the Portal!

Hidden Objects

Hidden Objects

I found each of these amazing items around the forests, streams and hills of Pine Hearts Caravan Park! Find lots more about Pine Hearts by heading through the Portal!

Weird pink bush

Weird Pink Bush

Found this funny plant in Pine Hearts - wanted to see if it could giggle or dance.

A rock cairn with a blue flag


A little pile of rocks with a blue pennant flag stuck in it. For popping on top of mountains!

A glowing blue droplet


A glowing blue droplet. Mysterious stuff! I think the answer lies in Pine Hearts!

A green frog


A green and slippery-slimy frog friend. They’ve got a cracking leap on ‘em!

A cardboard and tape mask.


A Gruffumpkin mask with a snarl, antlers and a tree in the middle of the forehead.

A red knitted hat with head torch


A red Little Tyke Hat with a headlamp. Essential for exploration.

A blue journal with a red bookmark.


A blue journal with a red bookmark. You never know what you might want to remember.

A marshmallow on a twig


A big cylindrical marshmallow on a stick, perfect for campfires and sticky hands.

A candid photo of a gruffumpkin in the woods, in pursuit of several figures.


A polaroid of a gruffumpkin. Not a natural model, as it turns out.

Broken standing stone

Standing Stone

A broken standing stone with a mossy base and runes carved into it.

Some of these I've found while out exploring, others found me... sure the shop is cluttered, but I just can't help being fascinated by all this stuff!

An Atlas


A blue atlas with coloured papers sticking out of its pages. Always gotta have a map.

 A red compass pointing just West of North.


A red compass, for always knowing which way is North. And South, and East and West..



A messy stack of files… it’s inheritance documents. Too important to toss, too scary to sort.

Yellow Rubber Duck


A mysterious yellow duck made out of rubber, whose quacks sound weird as heck.

An oddly shaped vase filled with dried flowers.


An odd, wonky vase containing six dried roses. Have a sniff, they smell like dried roses!

A blue crate containing fruit.

Fruit Box

A box of fruit. Self explanatory really. Some bananas, a watermelon, an apple.

A walking stick

Grandpa's Stick

A walking stick with a loop on the handle. For keeping you steady, the way grandpa did for me.

A framed photo of creatures with large ears, like Keepsy.


A photo of the former owners - the grandparents of one Keepsy, current owner of Little Nook!

A green box with a coin slot on top.

Money Box

A green box with a coin slot and mysterious currency symbol on the front. Likely empty.

Glass snow globe containing mushrooms on wooden base.

Snow Globe

A snow globe containing three red toadstools. Current snow status: not drifting magically.

Gold statue depicting a fist clenched around a snake.

Hand Statue

A solid gold fist clenched around a small gold snake. Not sure who to root for.

A mug of mysterious purple liquid


A glass tankard with a wooden base and handle, with usually purple liquid inside.

Pine Hearts

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