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Pine Hearts

Developed by Hyper Luminal Games

Release date: 23-05-2024

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Welcome to Pine Hearts Caravan Park! As Tyke, hop into your hiking boots and explore the paths and rivers of this cosy little world. Rummage around the park and find handy tools that will help you on your journey as you fill out your trusty hillwalking journal. Rediscover memories of Tyke’s time in the park many summers ago and unearth the heartfelt story of his childhood.

👩‍🌾 Make new friends
🛠️ Unlock tools and abilities
🏖️ Build sandcastles
🐶 Pet cute dogs

Every inch of the park has little surprises waiting for you to discover!

Pine hearts game play
Pine hearts game play
Pine hearts game play
Pine hearts game play
Pine hearts game play
Pine hearts game play
Pine hearts game play
Pine hearts game play

Accessibility Features

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Audio cues

Adaptive controllers

Difficulty assist

Controller remapping

KB+M support

Simplified controls

Colour blocking mode

Black and white mode

High contrast mode

Visual FX toggles

Font scaling

Meet Tyke & Co

Tyke has a whole host of people and dogs and unusual creatures to encounter in Pine Hearts. Meet the denizens of this magical woodsy place…


A plucky young boy who has returned to Pine Hearts one summer to climba a mountain and finish his hillwalking journal.


Tyke's father; a wise and capable figure who Tyke shares many fond memories of during their time together at the park.

Ranger Maddie

She keeps a close eye on the park and an even closer eye on Tyke. Faithful companion Bonnie enjoys three things in life: forest walks, biscuits, and cuddles.

Turtle Kid

This little guy has found himself in a bit of a pickle and needs some help getting back on his feet.

Lone Camper

A mysterious loner living in the campsite; he claims to be stalking a creature called the Gruffumpkin.


A sweet old gal with short sight and a hatred for crows.


A hard worker with a rustic vibe; he tends the golf course in the park.

Sea Captain

This adventurer has run aground in the rockpools and needs some help getting his boat back in the water.

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