Little Nook exists because our penchant for storytelling and worldbuilding couldn’t help but break out of the games themselves and seep into the fabric of the publishing label.

We want our players to be engaged at every level and feel like part of a community. Little Nook is itself a destination - one that’s never static, but evolves along with players and games and grows with both to become a place to get lost in, to foster new ideas, to build that community and most importantly, to discover great games.

Little nook logo in gold and brass colours
Hyper luminal games logo

A boutique publishing label of Dundee-based studio Hyper Luminal Games (est. 2014), Little Nook is a natural extension of the design philosophy that built our studio. We value communication and kindness and want to use our experience to make a gaming space that’s a little bit different - supporting smaller studios, prioritising the developer, and keeping our focus narrow, publishing only a few games a year that are lighthearted in tone; cosy, whimsical and warm - games we truly feel are something special.

Everyone who visits Little Nook is there because they love games. Why shouldn’t this space we’ve created for our players be just as immersive, interesting and satisfying as any of our titles? Little Nook is the first ever publishing label where game design mechanics are built into its very heart.

When you visit Little Nook, it’s not just a portal to other worlds - it’s a world of its own.

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